Sapphire Wave Ring

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Sapphire Wave Ring


This ring has been cast in sterling silver, all details are hand soldered, it has been oxidised to give the design contrast.

The unusual smooth oval Sapphire that fades from a deep indigo to sky blue was ethically sourced via nineteen48,

The setting is 22ct yellow gold and the granulation details either side are 18ct.

Size R
7mm at the widest point.

Similar can be made to order with any stone.

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This wavy silver river ring started as two hand shaped wires soldered to the a smooth silver band. This original ring was was then cast in silver. All the details are then hand set and soldered. There are several smooth gold grains accents. The inside has a smooth satin finish. It has been oxidised to give contrast and bring out the detail.

Sent in a gift box.

(This is a one of a kind ring but similar pieces can be made in any size).

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